Amnesty Day

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Amnesty Day

Mama Hustle Moment

Amnesty Day

Raquel R. Robinson

Posted: December 18, 2018


     I noticed a sign at my gym that read,  “Towel Amnesty Week, bring back our towels- No questions asked!”  It made me laugh because I knew I had at least one of their towels in my linen closet. So, I decided to extend that amnesty to you. No, I don’t want your towels or guns or the other things that amnesty programs collect. I am offering amnesty for your thoughts, habits, excuses and fears.


     What are you harboring that doesn’t belong to you? What is potentially keeping you from running your race? Have you been sidelined by persistent negative thinking or fear? Both are like a loaded gun without a safety. They are dangerous and unpredictable. In addition, unchecked fear and negative thinking poison your surrounding environment including your business and family. Have you been rehearsing the same old excuses in your mind? So much so, that even in their absurdity, they now sound like reality to you? Ready to let go of an unproductive habit? Those of faith know that we have amnesty everyday and we can always cast our cares on the One who cares for us. But, sometimes we just need a personal invitation to unload and regroup.

     So, here is your chance. Today you have an opportunity to drop off your unproductive thoughts, habits and excuses. No questions asked! Send me a message or email and drop it off. Here is the catch. When you drop it off, let me know the positive change you intend to make to replace the negative or unproductive one. Take advantage of this amnesty and consider what you will do in the absence of fear, procrastination or loneliness and then do it!


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