“Lighting the Way”, is the mantra for Gary, IN native Raquel R. Robinson. With a heart to encourage others, Raquel uses speaking, writing and coaching to help clients gain clarity and insight lighting the way to their goals and purpose. Trained as a co-active coach at the Coaches Training Institute, she works with individuals and groups to improve their personal performance to live powerfully and profitably. She is the Co-founder and CEO of Making a Change LLC Coaching and Consulting. Robinson is the author of Renew, Refocus and Recover! A Road Trip to the Life You Deserve. Her newest book, Managing the Mama Hustle ™ is scheduled for release December 2013.

Her passion for personal development and expression began as a student at Emerson Visual and Performing Arts School as a middle and high school student. As an awkward teenager, Raquel was surrounded by mentors and teachers who encouraged her to become comfortable with herself, interests and talents while cultivating them. She began a professional modeling career as a teenager.

While enrolled as a freshman at Indiana University, Raquel continued her professional modeling career based in Chicago, IL. The balancing act between school and career resulted in a Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Communication and national ad placements in Elle, Essence, EM and Vogue magazines. Robinson was Miss Gary in 1988 and placed 4th in the state competition for the Miss America Pageant. Her own journey of fulfillment and personal growth inspired her to begin conducting workshops to facilitate the spiritual and emotional growth of girls and women.

Following her retirement from the runway, Robinson earned a Master’s degree in Communication Studies at Purdue University and a Master’s of Education in Instructional Technology Human Performance Improvement and Training at Wayne State University. Raquel has twenty years experience in both nonprofit and higher education administration. In executive leadership roles, she has helped nonprofits, churches and universities facilitate strategic planning, raise funds and implement organizational development strategies to increase capacity and efficiency. Gleaning from her diverse professional background and executive level management, Raquel helps audiences embrace the inevitability of change and maximize the resulting opportunities. She works with clients to:

• Make inspired and purposeful change
• Renew their commitment to reaching their goals
• Anticipate and overcome challenges to their plans
• Maintain a sense of purpose and fulfillment on their journey

Raquel’s individual clients range from entrepreneurs, corporate executives to pastoral staff and missionaries. Corporate clients include the National